160 transgender identified in Lalitpur

Gauri Nepali/Lalitpur (Pahichan) July 28- In Lalitpur district, 160 new transgender have been identified. They came into contact with district chapter of Nil Hira Society. According Manoranjan Kumar Baidhya, identification was made during the education, training and health services that were provided to transgender women sexual workers of this district.

They were imparted training about the gender violence and ways to avoid the infection of HIV affected people. Out of them 65 percent people said they faced psychological and social violence, 70.percent complained of facing physical violence and 49 percent said they faced sexual violence. Baidya provided this data during the district-level consultation meeting held in Lalitpur on the prevention of gender violence.

Parichaya Samaj, Nari Chetana Samaj, Mahila Sangh and Sax-Lalitpur jointly organized the program. Baidya informed that as they cannot provide all types of health facilities they are requests Sax to provide other facilities. Baidya said there is a lack of sufficient budget for providing all types of services.

The program was launched since October, 2014 with a purpose of preventing the infection of HIV among transgender and women sexual workers. They said they are not receiving the support from government sector. The organizing institutions said there is mandatory of seeking a legal remedy within the violence of 35 days but they are receiving the cases that cross 35-day duration.  Sharadha Bijukchhe of Women and Children Office said there is more sexual violence in the southern part of college. She said people who suffered from violence should submit their complaints.

Similarly, diwa-project of Blue Diamond Society has launched training on leadership development and sexual health. Gauri Shankar Pandey of Education Ministry is providing training to more than 30 gender and sexual minorities. According to Sanjaya Sharma, Deputy Programme Director of diwa project said training was provided with a purpose of preparing leadership.