21 years on, struggle continues to receive citizenship

Kathmnadu (Pahichan) September 25 – Diwakar Chhetri became 45 years old. Chhetri is in the struggle of receiving citizenship certificate. He has not yet received citizenship. Receiving citizenship is a far-dream, there is pressure on him to give up the current works he is doing. So, he is undergoing through an extreme pressures.

He is a teacher in Private School in Kathmandu. Due to the lack of citizenship, school is asking to resign. “I came to know that my father died when I was a small boy. My mother is 65 years old and mother has her citizenship,” Chhetri said.

Tear rolled down when Chhetri was sharing his plights. School has already instructed him to come up with citizenship within three months or not to continue the job.  “My younger brother is also facing the same problems. His son has not been able to go school in the lack of citizenship,” he said.

Nepal’s constitution has ensured the right to citizenship to all citizens irrespective of their gender identity. In reality, there are thousands of those people who have not received citizenship. He said provisions of receiving citizenship through mother’s name must be implemented. Rina Baral and Gayatri Tiwari are also facing same problems.

 They do not have their husbands so they are facing difficulties to get birth certificates of these children which is preventing them to go to school. Goma Tamang is also facing the same problems. Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society said the constitutional rights concerning citizenship must be implemented.