Ready to support LGBTI: Chhetri

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 19 – Social Worker and Nepal representative of Singhapore Redcross Nepal Representative Kalpana Chhetri has requested not to discriminate gender and sexual minority stating that they are equal like male and female.

Speaking to Pachichan Radio program, Chhetri said state should respond to LGBTI because all citizens are equal. She said that it is unjust to discriminate on the basis of separate gender identity.

“We have to love them, openly support them, all should be united. I am ready to support them. I am even ready to participate in their campaign too,” said Chhetri.  She is busy to build hospitals, social buildings and schools in the affected districts through Singhapore Redcross.

She said it is unfortunate to discriminate anyone on the basis of gender in this 12th first century. She said like in America and other countries, same-sex marriage should be legalized in Nepal.  She said transgender should come openly to get their rights. “First, members of this community should be strong and family should provide support,” said Chhetri.