Literary figures could write about LGBTI issues: Poet Khalpatra

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 31 – Poet Mukunda Khalpatra has said that literary figures could raise the issues of marginalized community, including LGBTI community. He was of the view that it was the responsibility of literary figure as literature is regarded as a mirror of society.

“Literature is the reflection of society so litterateur must highlight issues that the community who are lagged behind,” said Khalpatra.

Before writing about this community, he said, there must be appropriate knowledge on the very issue. It would pose even more danger if written without sufficient knowledge, Khalpatra said.

Khalpatra said due to the lack of knowledge very few people have written about this community. “I had write to write about this community, I tried to know about this community but I failed to understand about this community,” he said.

Stating that all people are equal in the society and they must disclose their identity. Without clear understanding, society cannot resolve their problems, according to him.