A breakthrough in LGBTI movement

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 30 – When Suman Pant returned from America after the study, she not only mentioned Dr in his name but also changed her identity.  She married with Lesli Melnik, an American woman.  And she returned Nepal with her.

suman-pantSuman who completed her doctorate in public policy and it has been a year since she married. On Thursday, she went to Immigration Department with her partner. She plans to keep her providing her dependent visa.

But, when they applied for visa there was confusion among immigration officials. But, they have all the evidences and documents including marriage certificate. However, a team of Immigration Department including Chief Kedar Neupane held a meeting and decided to give visa. They discussed the ways on how to give visa.

Though there were confusions regarding the signature of wife and husband, they decided to give the visa. After receiving the visa, Suman expressed the happiness. Chief of Immigration Department Kedar Neupane said they frequent receive such new and unique issues and they have decided to grant visa.

Suman said she married taking the consent of family. “We plan to spend our life in Nepal. I am very happy,” Suman said. They both live in Gothatar.  Lesli is graduate in education science. She said she love Suman very much.

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