A drama on transgender to be staged in Sarwanam Theatre 

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 19 – With a purpose of disseminating a message that transgender is similar to male and female, “Jiaudo Akash” dram will going to be staged soon. The drama will be staged in Sarwanam theatre on Falgun 13-19.  

The script of drama was written by Chandra Prasad Pandey. Director of drama is RK Mehata and role of transgender has been played by Artist Anil Suba. This is the first presentation of Danfe Theatre.

Roshan has already played in “Kina Testo Ma” drama. However, this drama failed to raise all the prominent issues of transgender. Speaking to Pahichan Subba said this is the first drama which is going to be staged on regular basis which highlights the issue of transgender.

“Transgender are like other normal people but due to the weak awareness level of society, they are not allowed to freely live in the country,” said Subba. This drama was staged in Sarwanam Theatre in July last year.

Anil said he was hesitant when first offer was made to play the role of transgender. He practiced for five days in room and he was not confident in the initial days.  Director Mehata said transgender should live in society.  We are not god; we have not come from another planet.