A painful journey from Dipesh to Sujata

Liladhar woli/Pahichan – Dipesh Chaudhary was born as a son of father Kalicharan Chaudhary and mother Bishnu Chaudhary. Now, she has known as transgender Sujata Khadka. She was born as son in the family but she played the role of daughter which put family members in quandary for the long time.

Guardian faced a lot of mental pressure due to the unusual behavior of their son. She approached Blue Diamond Society when she was 17 years old and now she is known as Sujata. Now, she is working in Blue Diamond Society Dang branch and she is working as field office. She came to know her gender identity in 2065 BS. She also faced the same problems of manhandling and others like LGBTI members face.

She said like other human beings, members of this community should get the rights of free movement. She further added that she would continue to fight for the rights of gender and sexual minority. As a first, members of her family, she and her family were happy.  However, it could not last long as she demonstrated different behavior and family members started to curse her.

She shared her experience saying that she started to feel in a different way and she also shared the cosmetics and dresses of her mother. “Family members had expected that my behavior will be like a son in the course of time but I started to act as daughter,” she said.  “I used to feel that I am different from other buys. When I was 12 years old, I came to know about my gender identity,” she added.  Due to her different character and behavior, her friends used to take her in a different way.

She, however, was unable to share her different feelings. If there was not Blue Diamond Society, she would have been confined in a room. “BDS totally changed my life and it provided an opportunity to learn a lot of things, now I am working to ensure the rights of this community,” she added.  Many people proposed her for love and marriage due to her get up.

However, she is frank about her identity she tells them that she is a transgender. “I am refusing all the proposals. We want to live a life with respect and dignity. There is a full support from my family,” she added. She has a dream of becoming a model and she is working to transform her body accordingly. She also has applied in some places. In Miss, Misses and Gender Competition held in 2070 BS, she received the tile under third gender category.

She is receiving a lot of proposal for love through Facebook. “In the facebook, all people say I am a girl, when they hear my voices, they know my identity,” she added.  She was in affairs with a boy but they failed to transform it into marriage. She has a several examples of failing in love and that did not last for long period. Now, she is seeking a good boy and she wants to marry. She wishes to change her reproductive organ.