A separate commission needed to ensure the LGBTI rights : Upadhya

Kailali (Pahichan) September 28 – Rakesh Upadhya, Health Assistant of Far-western Society has said that for the development of gender and sexual minority there is a need of separate commission. He said as members of this community lag behind than male and female, state should form a commission.

He said though constitution has guaranteed the rights of this community it is deplorable that constitution did not envisage about a separate commission.

He also said that issues related to this community should be incorporate in the primary school curricula and it is not sufficient to incorporate only in master degree. He further added that there should be reservation for the members of this community until there is a change in a perception about this community in the society.

He underlined the need of support from all quarters of life to end the discrimination to this community. He also said that there are some obstructions in the support to transgender. He suggested providing assistance in a continuous way.