A session of LGBTI was put in Civil Journalism Training

Lalitpur (Pahichan) July 7 – A session with Rukshana Kapali’s challenges as a civil journalist was put up in the Basic Civil Journalism Orientation at Chhaybahal, Yala(Patan). Newa Patrakar Daboo with help of Lalitpur Metropolitian City organized a three day orientation on Civil Journalism .

In the program, Rukshana Kapali was given a platform to share her experiences being an online activist, and a blogger speaking on very sensitive issues like LGBTI issues, Newa issues and indigenous/ethnic issues. She told the participants how she runs various facebook pages and posts on her profile on the issues of her concern.

She also shared her experiences with blogging, in English, Nepali and Nepal Bhasa. She explained that there are many positive impacts of the civil journalism and it creates a change in modern society. She has organized various movements, and now is working against hapazard development of Kathmandu Valley and for decentralization of cities, and organised through social media.

Similarly, she shares that once upcoming​ as online activist and starting to come in real life. she has faced many personal attacks and harassment online as well. Her blog has even been reported as spam, without any such spam contents, because the post was very controversial. But she urges people not to step back just because of these .