Pride for LGBTI community, a transgender engages in the works of decorating Parliament building

Dhanusha (Pahichan) February 6 – The tasks of cleaning and decorating Provincial Assembly (PA) building were underway in province no.2. We met Lalan Sada there. We were not aware that her identity was transgender. She herself gave her identity saying, “I am a transgender.”  Lalan is permanent resident of Janakpur Sub-metropolitan-25, Lohana.

There were 25 workers busy in cleaning and decorating the provincial assembly building. Earlier, she used to stay with her family members. Later, family members expelled her using some abusive words.

Earlier, she was barred from going home. Sometimes she goes to home and most of the time; she spends as a daily worker.  First, she complained with the god for their identity, later she tried to console herself.

Lanan was searching job before she came here. Though, she is attending various social functions and earning money through dancing, she is facing abusive words in society. She was lucky because she got a job after Janakpur was named as temporary headquarters.

She came here after other friends informed that construction works are underway in this place. She, however, does not know what is happening in this building. She does not care about it. She is happy because she got the works.

She voted in the recently concluded elections disclosing her gender identity. She will receive Rs 600 for working whole day. With this there are hopes that provincial lawmakers will be serious to provide jobs to transgender who are living a very difficult life.

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