A warm evening in Nachghar in chilling cold of winter

Kathmandu/Pahichan – It was a late December evening. It was cold Tuesday. The environment surrounding Rastriya Nachghar was gradually warming. The number of people walking with one piece was increasing. The pedestrians and passengers of public vehicles were securing themselves with warm clothes.  

A group people with one piece were entering in Rastriya Nachghar. The stage was full of colors and there was a banner, “Equality our priority.” The program began with Bhairab Kali Dance program. Naziya danced. There was applauding from audience. The 16 participants arrived in shining stage. The volume of hooting gradually increased.

It was beauty peasant. There was the test of body and mind. Out of 15, top 10 were selected. The jury members were Luniva Tuladhar, human rights activists Kapil Shrestha, Dr. Nirman Thapa, Model Deepak Ghimire and Actresses Kamali Waiba.

Kapil Shrestha asked, “What should be done to ensure equality?” Each participant was provided three minutes, they came up with answers. Hindi, Nepali, Bhojpuri dance were underway. The second runner up was declared Anuj Peter Rai. First-runner up was Birendra Chaudhary. They received 30 and 40 thousand cash.

Manil Chaudhary won Mr. Gay Handsome 2017. He received 50 thousand with title. Manil write the answer in this way, “I am a gay male. When we talk about the equality, we should legalize same-sex marriage respecting the constitutional provisions.

There should be access of all in education and there is a need of creating awareness. We should inform both government and non-governmental organizations about our issues. Before that we ourselves should disclose our identity.”

The competition provided a message that society is gradually becoming open when it comes to gender and sexual minority. The peasant itself was a big message in a society which believes that there are only male and female.