A workshop on same-sex marriage calls for implementation of same-sex marriage

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 10 – A workshop on implementation of UPR recommendation has asked to ensure that the new constitution is implemented while protecting human rights and thus ensuring its provisions on gender equality, LGBT, and minorities.

Nepal has already supported the following LGBTI-related recommendations, which it considers are already implemented or in the process of implementation.  Establish specific mechanisms for the investigation and punishment of possible cases of discrimination against LGBTI persons, particularly with regard to issues in relation to the administration (Spain).

Strengthen the protection of LGBTI people and work towards the full implementation of the current laws (Israel).The following LGBTI-related recommendations will be examined by Nepal, with responses expected by March 2016 (this means that Nepal may either support or reject this recommendation at a later date).  It also urged to take measures to implement the Supreme Court decisions concerning same-sex marriage.