Balram Chaudhari/Morang (Pahichan) June 4 – Bachhani  Sardar she is from Morang District .She  is from dalit community. She is crossing above  65 years old  but also she is working in Blue Diamond Society since 10 years  at Biratnagar .

Bachhani is transgender since her child wood she use to wear ladies dress  .when she was small at that time her parents give her to wear gents dress but she did not wear it because she like to wear ladies dress .when she was 6 t0 7 years at that time she used to go to  school in ladies uniform but school teachers they use to say her to come in gents dress but she did not wear so  because she didn’t like gents dress to wear.

I think she is the first transgender who cross above 65 years old  who came  openly in media .Bachhani she is from poor family so she used to struggle very hard to spend her daily life. She is transgender she cannot work hard work and also easily she cannot get job because there is no any crite area for transgender at that time and not now also. She used to be aging one house to another house daily and spending her life in this way that time .

Some time she go for dancing and earn some money with that money she is looking after  her family. At that time her life was very pain full. Bachhani she was getting marriage with ladies although she did not like ladies . Due to the force of her parents she is getting marriage with ladies when she was 17 years old .

There is no B.D.S. at that time when she was forcing for marriage so she did not know about LGBTI rights at that time but she know now about it. At first her wife  did not accept her because she used to wear ladies dress so .After some month she understood her felling than only she was accepting her as a husband .

Now she has three son and one daughter .She is spending her life happily because her family is also supporting her and society is also accepting transgender people now. Bachhani is doing job in pariwantalshil samaj now and spending her life happily . In this way she is spending her life.