Agenda of prosperity is the brainchild of Bhattarai : Gurung

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 30 – Central Secretariat member of Naya Shakti and transgender Pinky Gurung said the agenda of prosperity is raised by Baburam Bhattarai and others are exploiting it. Speaking at a program organized by Naya Shakti, Gurung said other political parties are using the same plank to receive votes.

“Bhattarai unveiled this agenda when he was finance minister. During the time of inception of Naya Shakti, Bhattarai raised this issue,” said Gurung adding that Naya Shakti should reach in power to implement the agenda of gender and sexual minority.

Gurung said other parties have not given space to the members of this community at leadership level International Department Chief of Naya Shakti Hishila Yami said transgender are providing their reliable support to Naya Shakti.

He said though male and female are abandoning the party, transgender are providing their support. Yami said NC and UML have not provided space to Bhumika and Shilpa Chaudhary. She said Naya Shakti has provided space to transgender.