All human beings are equal : Sherstha

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 9 – Cine Director Amit Shrestha has said that all human beings have equal human rights. “All are human beings are equal, no one is big or small and all people get equal rights,” Shrestha said. Sherstha said that due to the lack of knowledge, there are still discrimination to the members of this community.

Shrestha said cinema can accommodate sexual and gender minority. “Cinema should not discriminate on the basis of separate gender. The discrimination against this community is now a history,” Shrestha said. He further added Cinema can raise the issues of gender and sexual minority.

He said due to the lack of knowledge this community is portrayed in a negative light. Naka, a Cinema directed by Shrestha is going to be released all over the Nepal. Bipin Karki has played a leading role in the Cinema. The subject matter of Cinema is human trafficking.