All human beings have same feelings and dignity: Singer Sharma

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 9 – New Actor Biso Sharma has said that members of gender and sexual minority should not be depicted in the negative way in the films. Speaking to Pahichan Radio Program, Sharma said the feelings of homosexual and transgender are equal like male and female.

“All people are same. From the human rights perspective they are more. There should not be discrimination to this community,” Sharma said. He said the issues of gender and sexual minority is taken in a normal way in developing countries.  “America and other countries have treated the members of this in an equal way.

In the Hollywood movies, members of this community are not projected in different way. We should create such environment,” said Sharma. He said positive issues of this community are being incorporated in the Nepali films as well. Sharma is  the hero of Nepali film Rudra. Sharma will be seen with Nikhil Upreti.