All sectors should cooperate to ensure rights of LGBTI: Singer Chaulagain

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 11 – Singer Yubaraj Chaulagain has said that there is a need of cooperation of all sectors to ensure the rights of gender and sexual minority. He said that as all citizens of society are equal they should get the opportunity to live with dignity. Chaulagain said he does not have enough information about this community.

“I am clear that members of this community should not be discriminated on the basis of their gender identity. I do not have any words to criticize those people who discriminate this community,” said Chaulagain.

“I can do a lot but we have not done enough, I will think from today about what I could do to ensure the rights of this community,” he said. “Artists are the ideals of the society, if they speak about this community, it could make a difference,” he added.  “If we raise the issue of this community in a stage it will play a vital role to create awareness,” he said.