All set to get legal status

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 21 – Same-sex marriage is all set to get a legal status in Nepal. Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare has constituted a committee for the purpose of preparing a draft of law on the same issue.

The rights of this community were addressed by the Constitution of Nepal 2072 and members of this community were demanding to legalize it as soon as possible. Blue Diamond Society is raising this issue since the long time.

Ministry has formed committed led by Joint Secretary and focal person will serve as a secretary of committee. Similarly, undersecretary at Social Welfare and law will serve as members of the committee.

However, there is not specific time-frame for the purpose of preparing the draft. After Ministry prepares the purpose it will have to endorse by Ministry of law which will be tabled in Parliament. After the parliament endorses it, it will be tabled in the Parliament for the deliberation.

The Committee will prepare a draft of law on the basis of report submitted by a committee to government a year ago. In 2064, Supreme Court issued an order asking the government to legalize it as soon as possible. Following the same suggestions, government formed a committee which suggested legalizing same-sex marriage.