Appeal to respect the self-dignity and human rights of sexual minorities   

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 3 -Sexual minorities, homosexuals and transgender have appealed the media to don’t publish any statements that would hurt their self-dignity.  They also asked to publish corrections if any published\broadcasted news items hurt the self-dignity of sexual minorities. Moreover, they attested that it would be the violation of human rights if the political leaders and cadres use any defaming language to homosexuals and transgender.  

Writing a letter to the editors of both print and broadcast media Sunil Babu Pant, a campaigner of homosexuals and transgender, urged to criticize and publish a corrigendum if leaders provide statements that would hurt the sentiments of sexual minorities.

He said that recently senior leader of UCPN (Maoist) Baburam Bhattarai used the some words to portray the failure of lawmakers but that hurt the homosexuals and transgender. “Political leaders, cadres and civil servants should avoid using words that would hurt the dignity and prestige of homosexuals and transgender. It is a violation of human rights,” Pant said.

Furthermore, he said that many leaders have the tendency of using such words which would hurt this community.  “People with transgender do not have any access to the statement mechanism. We are not responsible for the delay in constitution drafting process,” Pant said.

Meanwhile, Rupandhei district chapter of Blue Diamond Society has concluded that homosexuals and transgender are still being defamed in the public places. The chapter meeting has concluded that there is a need of awareness campaign and media should support the campaign.

The chapter said that along with international donor agencies local and national organizations should provide support to sexual minorities.  Like other minorities groups of the society, sexual minorities should get the training and other facilities from the government.