Attempt to murder transgender Lama

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 23 – There has been attempt to murder transgender Gyanu Lama. Manoj Pandey who demanded to give him shelter, tried to kill Lama. Manoj requested to give him shelter.

In the mid-night, Pandey attacked in the head of the Lama and she sustained serious injury. She sought the support of other help to skip the attack. Sunita Lama, Parbati BK among others informed police about the attack.

They handed over the Pandey to police to take action. “Pandey had the plan to kill Gyanu but we rescued. Lama was admitted at Medicare Hospital,” Parbati said. Later Gyanu was transferred to Trauma Centre of Bir Hospital.

Pandey has admitted of attacking to Lama. There is serious injury in the eleven places of Gyanu’s head.  Blue Diamond Society has demanded to take strong action against the people involved in attack.  Gyanu’s family and members of gender and sexual minority have demanded to pay all the money of treatment of Gyanu.