Authorities urged to continue the service  

Kathmandu(Pahichan) June 27-  Stakeholders have drawn the attention of National Centre for AIDS and STD  Control not to halt the facilities being received by infected people and prevent the further infection.

Stakeholders made such request in a discussion with Director of Center Dipendra Raman Singh. The program which was assisted by World Bank for the treatment, care and other facilities for the prevention of infection is expiring 20 days later.

Though Ministry of Health and Population has assured that service will not be halted, Center is dilly dallying to submit an modality at the Ministry. Stakeholders urged to present modality at Ministry without any delay so that service could be continued. “It is already too late so action plan should be submitted at Ministry without any delay,” said Chairman of National HIV AIDS Federation Madhav Adhikari.

As Ministry has said that service will not be halted due to the lack of money, Centre should play an active role, Adhikari said. Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal said if the service is halted homosexuals and transgender will be badly hit.

Dhakal said due to the poor role of Center, the services targeted to homosexuals and transgender were frequently stopped in the past.  Dhakal asked Singh to forward an modality.

Deputy Director of Society Parshuram Rai said stakeholders were not invited in the discussions with donors. Rai asked to make it clear who would take the care of HIV infected people at a time when service is halted.  Chairman of Society Pinki Gurung said Center should stop the tasks of dilly dallying.

After the pressure from stakeholders, Director Singh made a commitment that he would forward the proposal at Ministry without any delay. “We are very attentive that service should be stopped,” said Singh. Representatives of Nagarjun Development Committee asked to monitor the activities.