Awareness should begin from family : Singer Thapa

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 19 – Singer Nikita Thapa has underlined the need of awareness campaign at the family level to change the mind of people who are always negative towards gender and sexual minority. According to Thapa, guardian themselves should convinced their children that third gender should not be discriminated.

“It will help to change social behavior towards gender and sexual minority,” said Thapa. Thapa said society looks in a different way if they find separate gender identity. “They are like man and women, I wonder why they are discriminated, all should be united to fight against discrimination,” said Thapa. She appreciated the efforts made by Constituent Assembly to cement the rights of gender and sexual minority.

According to her, there is a large chunk of gender and sexual minority and non-governmental organizations are working to end such discrimination. She also appreciated the works being done by non-governmental sector. She underlined the need of construction of society which would be just and equitable.