BBC Sajhashawal produces program on transgender


Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 23 – The Sunday’s BBC Sajha shawal is prepared on transgender. It was prepared on the problems faced by transgender and social issues and later it was focused on the violence and manhandling by police. Anusha Lama of Kavre said that they are facing more discrimination and manhandling from police.

“Police discriminate us in the parking and as well as walking in the street,” she said adding police abuse when she walks in the street.  She said that Chief District Officer of Kavre demanded a certificate of being women when she sought citizenship on the basis of gender identity. She said that she is not feeling secure while walking in the street.

Police Inspector of Sorakhutee Somendra Singh said transgender have not filed any complaints regarding the abuse but there is discrimination against them. “In the last four months there are 26 complaints against transgender related to thief, absence gesture and manhandling,” he said adding that they have not directly approached to court but consulting with Blue Diamond Society.

Homosexual and transgender said though there are complaints about thief and manhandling, they are facing the charges of public offences. They also said that police has not collected solid evidences on the charges against them. In reply, DSP Singh said like common citizen all transgender should abide by the law. “They should abide by law and if there is any gathering that should take place on the day time,” Singh said.

“They create noise from 12 to 2 at Thamel areas and create disturbances on local people, should not they respect laws?” he quested. Swastika Lama said police officials are using abusive words against them.  She said transgender and homosexual face problems when they walk in the street. As the whole episode of transgender was focused on violence, Presenter Bidhaya Chapagain streamlined the program on other issues of transgender.