BDS disowns Monika’s marriage with Yogi

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 19 – Blue Diamond Society (BDS), an umbrella organization of gender and sexual minority, has said that it cannot recognize the same-sex marriage of Monika. The BDS said there should be divorce of Ramesh Nath Yogi with his wife. Society also said that as law is yet to be formulated on same-sex marriage the decision taken by an individual people cannot be accepted.

“We are yet to formulate same-sex law as per the constitutional provision. It is under the process,” said BDS Chairman Pinky Gurung organizing a press conference in Kathamndu. “The marriage has violated the rights of women who have two children. So it is not a legal marriage,” said Gurung. She said Ministry of delaying to implement the government report on same-sex marriage.  “Due to the delay in formulating laws, 95 percent are living with opposite sex which has created problems,” said Gurung.

Legal Advisor to Blue Diamond Society Sujan Panta said as same-sex marriage is going to receive legal procedural, the Monika’s marriage cannot be taken as same-sex marriage.  “The Ramesh Nath Yogi is a father of two children so it is not same-sex marriage,” Pant said.

He said this marriage cannot be justified and it is against the law and Yogi will face the charges of multiple marriages. According to him, Monkia cannot claim the property and not allowed to adopt children. He said there will be negative effect to law making process.  Executive Director Manisha Dhakal said there are several issues that law should address and it is not same-sex marriage.