BDS Doti chapter forms working committee

Basanti Kadayat/Doti (Pahichan) July 17- Blue Diamond Society Chapter Doti has formed a working committee of gender and sexual minority led by Narad Giri with 11 members in the team. Basanti Kadayat has been appointed as vice-chairman and Surendra Kadayat and Sanjaya Thaguna has been appointed as secretary and treasurer.

This tasks was coordinated by Blue Diamond Society Chairman Pinky Gurung, Executive Director Manisha Dhakal and Transgender activists Bhumika Shrestha. The officials of BDS were greeted by members of gender and sexual minority.  They requested  to give more programs to them.

They said social perspective is gradually changing and there is a need of more programs. Committee Chairman Narad Giri said that society is discriminating him on the basis of gender identity.  He requested the members of this community to disclose their identity. BDS Chairman Pinky Guurng said she is ready to provide all types of assistance to the members of this community. In the initial days, she said, it would be difficult to do tasks in the district.