BDS expresses sorrow over the demise of Koirala

Katmandu (Pahichan) February 10 – Blue Diamond Society has expressed a deep sorrow over the demise of Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala. BDS said the demise of Koirala has made whole this community saddened. Chairman of BDS Gurung said it is a great loss to the country as Koirala was leading a largest party. Koirala is also former prime minister.  

Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Gurung said Koirala played a vital role for the promulgation of new constitution at the time of crisis and uncertainty.20160209_163757

She said other leaders and cadres should learn lesson from his simple living standards and politics of integrity and clean image. “Koirala’s demise not only made the gender and sexual minority sad but also for all people,” Gurung said. Gurung said implementation of new constitution would be a true tribute for Koirala.  “I got chances to meet him many times, and he was a very nice leader who wanted to ensure the rights of all people. Our rights in constitution was accommodate as per this commitment to us,” said Gurung.

Transgender Bhumika Shrestha said Koirala’s demise has made sad and disappointed. Shrestha said Koirala always supportive role to secure the rights of this community. “We met him several times he also supported to ensure the rights of our community,” said Shrestha. Shrestha said power-hungry leaders should learn a lot from his simple living standard. Along with Gurung, Executive Director Manisha Dhakal, Diwa Project Sanjay sharma, Malaya Lama payid the tribute reaching to Rangsala. Inter-sex Ishan Regmi said Koirala was a man with honesty and integrity.  Koirala died on 12:50 am on Tuesday.