BDS informs students about various aspects of LGBTI

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 2 – Blue Diamond Society has provided an orientation to student about homosexual and transgender. Inviting students from various colleges at Office, BDS informed about its works and achievements made so far.

Bisoraj Adhikari, Apkeshya Dahal and Akanshna Timalsena informed about the various aspects of LGBTI. Adhikari said BDS is organizing various programs targeting the students who come BDS for the internship purpose.

Apekshya Dahal informed about her sexual identity saying that she faced a mental torture when she informed about her separate gender identity. Akansha Dahal informed that she is transgender women. She informed about the works being performed by BDS in the field of gender and sexual minority in the last decade. She informed that number of campuses that sent students for internship has reached one hundred and BDS is cooperating with them.

Students enquired about the various aspects of sexual and gender minority. Members of BDS informed about the various abusive words that members of this community are facing in the society.