BDS is  really doing great job

Tsering Dolma/Pahichan – My name is Tsering Dolma. I am doing intern at Blue Diamond Society. Its been 30 days since I have started internship here. Before I came here ,I did not have any clear idea about LGBTI. I even did not know that there is organization based on LGBTI.

I really did not have the concept, idea and knowledge about LGBTI people. When me and my friend Srijana Ghorasaine came to Dhumbarahi Chowk asking  the location Blue Diamond Society office. Most of them didn’t knew about the BDS. And we asked a person who was sitting outside of the café about the location We told him that we are from Xavier college and we are going to do internship at BDS.

There was one boy who was going to delivery something to BDS and that man told us that hat boy would lead us to BDS. We went with that boy together at BDS. When we reached BDS office, and we registered our name and met Bhakti sir who was in-charge of intership of students at BDS.

He told us about LGBTI and BDS. When I came here, and met different LGBTI borthers and sister, I came to know that they are even a human like us. I came to know about meaning of L- lesbian, G- gay, B- bisexual, T- trans gender, I- inter sex. When I started talking with some of the LGBTI brothers and sisters I came to know about their stories how they struggled for their identity and how they are fighting for their rights to live at society.

We have arranged newspaper, library, discuss about programs, translating etc we are doing at BDS. Coming at BDS, we learned so many thing about LGBTI and their stories. These people are struggling to show the society or world that even LGBTI people even exist in this world and they want to live their life peacefully and happily. For me these people are doing really a great job to show confidence to society that we will never lose hope and keep trying till the end.

I have even seen some parents supporting their children and encouraging them. Now a day’s concept about LGBTI is being understand by many people in the society. I feel really happy when I saw people understanding these people and even their emotion. Me and my friend we both are very happy to join Blue Diamond Society and we meet kusum didi, sudip dai, peter dai, rukshana and many others.

After coming here and meeting these change my concept what I used to think at past but I now came to know about them more deeply and clearly. Blue Diamond Society is doing a really  good job for LGBTI and provided opportunity to know about the problem of LGBTI people are facing.