BDS seeks suggestions to strengthen its policy

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 22 – Blue Diamond Society has sought suggestions to make further progress. Stating that there is a need of support from street to parliament, the society has made a request to provide a serious support it.

bdsIn the 16th Annual General Meeting, Chairman Pinky Gurung said they faced a lot of hurdles and hardships in the past. Executive Director Manisha Dhakal said they will fully utilize the funds provided by Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare.  She said government has ensured the identity of this community. Initiations have been taken to remove the discriminatory provisions of civil and criminal code.

She also thanked the government for taking initiatives to legalize the same-sex marriage.  Sanjya Kumar Malik of Social Welfare Council said BDS is in the top position advocating for human rights.bds-agm

He said though 45 thousand NGOs are registered in Social Council, most of them remain inactive. “I wish for your continuous. Instead of totally depending on donor agencies, you should try to mobilize your own resources,” he said.  Indira Poudel of Women and Children Office said BDS played a vital role to change the perceptions towards gender and sexual minority.

Deputy Director Parshuram Rai said there is a continuous pressure to implement the rights mentioned in the constitution. He said there is a need of pressure for the implementation. He added that there is lack of employment for the members of this community.

Rajesh Lama of Care and Support said members of this community are keen to open their identity than in the past. Lama said members of this community are compelled to face discrimination. Sanjaya Sharma, Deputy Program Coordinator of Diva Project Sanjaya Sharma said there has been some progress due to a long-struggle.  He said due to the voice from street to parliament, members of the family gradually understand transgender.