Bhujel innocent: Court

Indira Neupane/Makawanpur (Pahinchan) November 4- Ajita Bhjuel who was accused of raping a female children has received clean cheat from Makawanpur District Court.

Bhujel was accused of sexual abuse and unnatural oral sex. A single bench of Krishnaram Koirala gave a verdict that Bhujel is innocent. Bhujel was taken into judicial custody for 21 days.

There were not any concrete evidences against the Bhujel. Bhuel expressed happiness stating that rule of law has prevailed though a lot of laws are yet to be formulated to address this community. Bhujel said government should make strong laws to protect this community.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinki Gurung said there are the tendencies of giving torture to transgender without any concrete evidences.  She said it is a matter of happiness that Ajita has got justice.