Bhumika to fight for Central Committee member of Tarun Dal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 30 – Transgender Bhumika Shrestha has staked the claim for the central committee member of Nepal Tarun Dal. Shrestha was 12th general convention representative of Nepali Congress held in 2010. She is preparing to field her candidacy as per the amended provision of statute of Tarun Dal.

“Without increasing the access in politics, we cannot establish our rights so that I am going to give candidacy,” said Shrestha. She said that purpose of joining the Tarun Dal is to give a message that transgender are equal other male and female youths. She said she will have to fight a battle for the welfare of youths.

“My first priority would be ending the discrimination against homosexual and transgender. Without ending the discrimination it is not possible to go for the development,” said Shrestha. She said members of this community are active in several parties and common purpose of all is community development.

“I have joined NC and some friends are in other parties.  Irrespective of whatever parties, the common goal is raising the issues of youths,” she said adding that there is a need of discussion on how to prevent the youths from going abroad for the employment. She said it is necessary to end the discrimination against youths in the country.