Bills related to implementation of fundamental rights dismay LGBTI community

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 30 – Nepal’s constitution has fully guaranteed the rights to sexual and gender minority. The citizenship bill tabled in Parliament has made arrangements to provide citizenship on the basis of gender identity.

However, the bill relating to ‘right to free education’ as guaranteed by the fundamental right section of constitution has not mentioned LGBTI community.  The bill is silent about the LGBTI children’s right to education who may be denied to school admission or discriminated at.

Until now, there are no provisions for the ‘third-genders’ who wish to apply to join higher education at Tribhuwan University (TU), the oldest and first govt university of Nepal. Members of this community are requesting to make such provisions in the TU. If members of this community are denied from education they won’t be also be deprived from various livelihood opportunities, including  government and non-government jobs, due to lack of education.

However the health bill states that there would not be discrimination on the grounds of caste and gender to accessing health facilities  and medical treatment. The bill also states that there should not be any disregard to the any patients.

The state is providing citizenship as per gender identity but state has not ensured protection from discrimination of employment sector.

Recently speaking at the parliament, former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai urged to amend civil and criminal codes in a way that would ensure same sex the marriage right. Prime Minister KP Oli, however, did not mention about this community while speaking at the Parliament.