Blogger Lex Limbu says: I am a gay

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 25 – Blogger Lex Limbu has revealed that he is a gay.  Unveiling a video on his life, family and Pahichan, he made his true identity public. He said family members feel sad after the disclosure of his identity.

A component of this video includes his conversation with his mother about her feeling about his identity. His mother appeared sentimental after knowing the identity of her son and she extended her wishes for his bright future.

He is happy as his guardians understood his sentiment and supporting him. His mother has motived him saying that there are no questions of feeling otherwise.

Lex has said that he feels comfortable after saying such things. What is the actual difference? It is man-made, is not it? The difficulties he shared while providing actual identity and future struggle are other parts of his video. In 17-minute long video, he has shared his actual iden