Call to end discrimination in hospitals

Binod Bi ka/Butuwal (Pahichan) March 12 – Health worker of Bir Hospital Purnima Dangoal has appealed not to discriminate and accused the bisexuals and transgender during their medical check up.

Dangoal said that earlier she was less informed about the community. He stated that he knew about the problems of the community while working with homosexuals and transgender.  She expressed such views at the 3-day training program organized by Blue Diamond Society about the discrimination and assault that sexual minorities faced in the health institutions.

Shambu Kaphle of National HIV Aids Control Center and Jyoti Prakash KC of Care and Support Unit of Blue Diamond Society said that most of the health institutions and hospitals are not homosexuals and transgender friendly.

People with homosexuality are reluctant to go to Hospitals due to fear of possible abuse and also faced the misbehavior due to which they are compelled to stay at home despite the various kinds of diseases. Dangol and Kaphle said that despite the lack of knowledge in the society about the sexual genders such problems are being confronted.

The duo said that initiatives should be taken to impart the knowledge in the society about this community. Dangol and Kaphle asked the participants to treat the homosexuals and transgender in an equal footing.

Manila Neupane, program coordinator of Bhairawaha district said that sexuality is not the issue to tell the people in the society but they are making efforts to inform the people about his community.

 She said social perspective is still not positive to this community.  She said that homosexuals and transgender are in the society since the ancient time. He asked the government to pay special attention to secure the rights of this community.