Campaign is fruitful to ensure rights of this community : Dhakal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 22- Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal has said that rights campaign is underway from bottom to top. In a meeting with Consular Elin Jenson of Norwegian Embassy, Dhakal said as a result of this campaign the rights of this community have been incorporated in the draft constitution.

She said along with Norwegian embassy, United Nations Development Fund, Save the Children and other donor agencies are supporting to ensure the rights of this community.

The Pahichan Radio program which is supported by Norwegian Embassy is being broadcasted from seven FM stations. “It is a major step towards securing the rights of this community,” Dhakal said. Deputy Director Parshu Ram Rai Society is launching various activities to prevent the violation of human rights and Embassy has provided assistances. “The discrimination against this community is decreasing due to such campaign,” said Rai.

Legal Advisor to Society, Prem Bahadur Thapa said if the provisions in draft constitution is ensured, the discrimination to this community will decrease. Thapa said there is a need of lobby and campaign to implement the government report on same-sex marriage which contributes to ensure an equitable society. Consular assured the continuous assistance to ensure the rights of this community. Kamala Bista of Embassy, suggested to speed up the campaign.