Changing perception on LGBTI

Ruzaa Khadka/Pahichan – As Blue Diamond Society is an LGBTI rights organization in Nepal, it advocates to the change laws against homosexuality, and advocates for the rights of marginalized gender and sexual community. 

This year I was placed in BDS. My teacher used to say that BDS is one of the top most organization in Nepal and also only one organization who worked for LGBTI. So, this year I work as intern at BDS. My perception towards BDS was different. When, I was placed in BDS I was curious to know about that organization and how it works.

The people of this organization are friendlier or not. How do they look like, etc? These things were playing in my mind. I had never been so much curious throughout my past organization. It seems like BDS is different organization than other organization.

While we were working on the road too we see LGBTI people but many people used to laugh at them always want to ask them that why they just laughed at them but I couldn’t do so, because I didn’t know anything about LGBTI at that time.

So these were the assumption before going to an organization but now my perception has been changed. BDS organization is that platform where we can change our attitude towards LGBTI. My assumption got wrong after meeting with the LGBTI people.

They are much friendly, cooperative and helpful than I thought they are also feeling same like ordinary people have. But, one thing I had noticed that they have their own societies in which they enjoy.

As we know that every individual have their own set of right to enjoy their life and take their own decision. I feel glad that now I am also a part of BDS family and I am learning many different things on LGBTI which was my wish. So these were my perception how I have been changed before and after going to BDS.

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