Citizenship certificate is not an umbrella: LGBTI community

Dhanusa (Pahichan) July 1 – Members of sexual and gender minority have said that they are facing pressure not to take citizenship on the basis of gender identity.

Due to the lack of same-sex marriage, they said they are compelled to marry with the people of opposite sex.Human rights activist Satya Narayan Shah said first obstacle to receive citizenship is their own family and administration if also not so cooperative to provide citizenship.

They complained that federal, provincial and local government has not taken any initiatives to address their issues. Transgender Bibek Thakur said he was compelled from home when he tried to receive citizenship on the basis of identity. Satrudhan Yadav Chair of Sunaulo Bihani Samaj said he is denied from receiving citizenship on the basis of identity.

Human rights activist Pradeep Yadav said members of this community disclosed their identity before the BDS was set up. He said it is not due to the BDS, members of this community have disclosed their identity. He said journalist must be trained on LGBTI issues.

Sataya Naran Sah, an activist, said. He informed that at least 10 thousand transgender and homosexual have come into the contact in Janakpur. He said only providing the citizenship to them is not sufficient. He said citizenship is not like an umbrella which could be used during the rain.