Committee recommends to legalize homosexual marriage

Kathmandu, (Pahichan) February 10 – A Committee formed to investigate the feasibility of same-sex marriage in the country submitted its report to the government. The Committee has recommended that government legalise homosexual marriage.

Apart from asking the government to recognise same-sex couples as equal to heterosexual ones, the panel in its report has asked the government to amend the Civil and Criminal Code bills tabled at the Parliament and redefine marriage as a relationship between two individuals. It has also asked to decriminalise homosexuality.

Although the Criminal Code bill does not explicitly criminalise homosexual behaviours, ‘unnatural sex’ is punishable by law. The term ‘unnatural’ sex, however, is left undefined, but legal advocates believe that it refers to homosexual acts. The panel also asked the government to study existing laws that discriminate against gender and sexual minorities.

Sunil Babu Panta, Founder of Blue Diamond Society expressed his thanks and gratitude to politicians, civil society, media, NGOs, UN, bilateral agencies and sexual and gender minorities of Nepal for their contribution towards ensuring justice and equal rights for every one. Panta said Nepal could be a first country to make such provisions.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society, Pinki Gurung said report is the result of their long struggle and hardworking of the panel. “I thank the Committee and urge the government to bring necessary laws and regulation,” said Gurung