Constitution should not overlook gender\ sexual minorities

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 22—Nepali Congress Constituent Assembly (CA) Badri Pandey has said that new constitution should not overlook the gender and sexual minorities. Pandey said new constitution should ensure the rights of homosexuals, transgender and other sexual minorities.

“The law should not overlook the homosexual and transgender” speaking with Radio program Pahichan Pandey said, “The new constitution should pave the way for ensuring the rights of gender and sexual minorities.  According to him, preliminary draft of constitution has ensured the rights of gender and sexual minorities.

The word sexual orientation which has been incorporated under fundamental right section is sufficient for preparing law, said Pandey. “People should not be deprived from the fundamental right the gets by birth, people should be free whatever they want or desire,” Pandey said adding that new constitution would not discriminate any citizens.  He said there should not be discrimination on the basis of identity.

Blue Diamond Society is pressing to ensure the rights of sexual minorities. LGBTI community has already received citizenship and passports as per their gender identity. Society is asking to legalize same-sex marriage. Researchers have said that eight to ten percent of total populations are LGBTI. According to Society, there is one million homosexuals and transgender.