Constitutional guarantee is a major achievement: Prado

Lalitpur (Pahichan) June 24 – UNAIDS Nepal Country Director Ruben F Del Prado has said that it is a major achievement to mention in the constitution about gender and sexual minority.

He said people who are in thousand miles away are struggling to set the right. He said: “It is a major achievement because constitution mentioned about the rights of this community.”

In a three-day seminar organized by Blue Diamond Society about the institutional development he cited the provisions that exist in religious text.

He underlined the need of implementation of the provision mentioned in constitution. He appreciated the role played by BDS to secure the rights of homosexual and transgender.Ruben

“The name of BDS is popular in many countries, there is a need of formulation of laws and there is a need of result-oriented activities,” he said.

Chairman of BDS Pinky Gurung said there is a need of people like Sunil Babu Pant. “The capacity of community member is increasing and there is a need of campaigner like pant,” she said. Participants of training said they are still facing the issues related to social protection.

They said though the rights are mentioned in constitution has not been guaranteed. According to them, after the Bangladesh and Orlando, they are facing the security threats. Executive Director of BDS Manisha Dhakal said there is a need of lobbying to secure the rights of people. According to her after Bangladesh and Oralando, there is psychological fear among the gender and sexual minority.

Partnership Coordinator of UNAIDS Michu Mayer said the support of donor community is shrinking. She advised to work to collect the fund for this community.