CPN-UML pressed to ensure the rights of gender and sexual minorities

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 25 -We have not demanded many things. We have not demanded quota and reservation, neither have we demanded a commission. We have just demanded the identity of citizen, self-respect, rights of life, a little equality and protection from discrimination. Why are not you ready to provide these fundamental rights to us?  Sexual and gender minorities asked CPN-UML Secretary Shanker Pokhrel and Chief Whip Agni Kharel.

“Is it our crime to be born as homosexuals and transgender? They asked.  A delegation of Blue Diamond Society led Pinki Gurung, Executive Director Manisha Dhakal, transgender Bhumkia Shrestha, Bhukti Shah and Malaika Lama asked not to remove the sexual orientation in the preliminary draft of constitution.

IMG_20150725_121546206UML Secretary Pokhrel asked, “Gender and Sexual minority is not sufficient?  In reply, homosexual and transgender said, “Sexual orientation could address the rights of our community.” Pokhrel said that they would raise the voices in the party as well as in Constituent Assembly (CA). Chief Whip Agni Kharel said after a long consultation separate sexual and gender minority has been incorporated.

The community submitted written suggestions to UML. In their suggestion, Society said this community is facing discrimination and violence for the long time. “We have not received any love and protection from our community, neither neighbors have accepted us,” the suggestion reads. “We face assault and humiliation while walking in the street. We do not have entrepreneurship. Even if we get job, we would be expelled after they know our identity,” the suggestion said.

The constitution which is going to be promulgated in 21 first century so I demands should be addressed.  “We have a high hope from CPN-UML and we are confident that new constitution will ensure our rights and identity. We humbly request UML to be clear about sexual orientation. We also ask not to remove the current provisions,” the suggestion reads.