Despite some weaknesses, constitution is best : Lawmaker Pariyar

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 21 – Lawmaker and Central Working Committee member of Nepali Congress Jiwan Pariyar has said that the rights of all sections and classes mentioned in the newly adopted constitution will be addressed through formulation of laws.

Speaking to Pahichan Radio Program, Pariyar said new laws could address both fifteen and eight cluster through constitution. “Despite some minor weaknesses, Nepal’s constitution is a comparable to other topmost constitutions of the world,” said Pariyar.

“State should take lead to remove the weaknesses of constitution and ensure the rights of all in new constitution,” said Pariyar.  Asked about the rights of same-sex marriage, Pariyar said no one can prevent the implementation of constitutional rights.

“After an intensive budget, the rights of LGBTI were addressed by constitution like male and female,” said Pariyar. He said if constitution fails to implement the rights of all people, it would be difficult to implement the constitution. He is central leader and lawmaker in the previous and present parliament.