‘Discrimination against gender and sexual minority is a strain in society’  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 26 – Science Teacher Santosh Khanal has said that negative perception concerning gender and sexual minority in society is the indication that society is not moving ahead in the path of development.

SantosAccording to him, it is a matter of shame in the 21th century to defame the members of gender and sexual minority. “The speed of people’s mind is more than the speed of light, and science has already established this fact,” Khanal told Pahichan Radio program. “But, people discriminate others who have different behavior and identity,” Khanal said adding that it is a matter of shame. This is a strain of society that raises the questions on social development and phases of civilization, according to him.Ramesh Raut

Student of Sociology Ramesh Rawat said society is a mechanism which is filled up from diversity. Rawat said it is a traditional mindset to discriminate other who has different behavior and identity. “The discrimination against members of this community has come down in comparison to older generation,” Rawat said, “Our generation may not know about such discrimination,” he said adding that discrimination is  the result of our religion and tradition and overnight changes are not possible. He said voices against the discrimination in the society are becoming stronger and it will get momentum in coming days.

DineshDinesh Bajagain who is working for the development of Baseball said there is not any discriminations to the members of this community in sport sector. “In the sport sector, there is only competition not discrimination,” he said adding that there is not discrimination among male, female and transgender. “The whole country celebrates the achievements in the sports, there is not issue of gender and race,” he said.