“Discrimination and charges against sexual and gender minorities still exists”  

Rupandehi(Pahichan)July 6 – People from gender and sexual minorities have said discrimination and charges against them still prevails in society. They said state itself is not serious to respect their rights and discrimination still exists in society and family levels.

Speaking at a program organized by Bharosha Samaj and Butual Sub-metropolitan, they said such tendencies are rampant due to lack of concrete law to protect rights of gender and sexual minorities.

Western Regional Coordinator of Blue Diamond Society Manila Neupane said society is still discriminating the sexual and gender minorities. “Like man and women Transgender should get the employment, health, education and all types of right,” Neupane said.

In the program conducted under the Chairmanship of Bharosa Samaj Daya Sagar, Anika Rana of Blue Diamond Society, Binod BK of Human Rights Project, Program Officer of Butual Municipality Bharat Kaucha, Secretary of Federation of Nepalese Journalist Rupandehi District Ruhdra Hari Kunwar, transgender Rina Rana among others expressed their opinions. According to a data, there are more than 12, 00 sexual and minorities in the Municipality and there are 7,000 to 9,000 sexual and gender minorities in the district.