Discrimination due to lack of knowledge: Singer Khatri

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 31 – Singer Kamal Khatri has said that gender and sexual minority are facing discrimination due to the lack of awareness in the society.

Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Singer Khatri said ordinary people are looking members of this community in a different way due to lack of knowledge and information about this community.

 “Along with male and female, there are homosexual and transgender and they are different from others,” he said adding that all the people should get the rights of living in an equal way.

“When people know that there will be homosexual and transgender along with male and female in the society, discrimination will come to an end.”

He said representation of this community is not satisfactory. “I hope even members of gender and sexual minority will accommodate this community in their songs,” he said. Khatri is preparing to release another album of songs very soon.