Dismantle Chhupadi shed: Karki

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 14 – Outing Chairman of Federation of non-governmental organization Sharmila Karki has said that the make-shift shed built for the women during their period should be dismantled. Speaking to Pahichan, Kakri said it is a crime to force women to give in hut during their mensuration. This tradition is known as Chhaupadi tradition in mid and far-western districts.

Few days ago, a girl of 18-year old in Accham died due to snake bite while she was living in the hut. She underlined the need of creating awareness against this community along with formulating laws to control it.

Sharmila who was born in Khotang district, established Jagaran Nepal with a view of encouraging women to participate in politics. She said they are working with government on pressure and partnership.

She said only the constitutional guarantee regarding the rights of this community is insufficient; there is a need of implementation. She said they raised the issues of this community in the United Nations. “We non-governmental organization is serving as a watch-dog and all the NGOs should not be judged through the same eye,” she said.

She further added that it took a long time to inform people about the agenda of LGBTI. She further added that there is a continuous talks with Blue Diamond Society about the issues of sexual and gender minority. Click here to listen the video