Due to lack of law, gays are compelled to marry with opposite sex

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 14 – Though I was born as male, I am more attracted to same-sex. Family would accept if I walk in the street embracing a boy but society criticizes with derogative adjectives,” a gay Balaram Ghimire said,” I also met a doctor to know why I am attracted to boy and also took some medicine but I continued to be attracted with the people of same sex.”   

I got married following a pressure from family and I have a children. “I have not said that I am a gay, Ghimire said. If had made contact at Blue Diamond Society at the age of 16\17, it would have been helpful to know my sexuality, he said.

Balaram is just a representative character. Many homosexual male are compelled to marry with opposite sex women. At a program organized by Kathmandu Chandol chapter of BDS, Ghimire said due to the delay in legalizing same-sex marriage gay male are compelled to marry with opposite sex.Gay 22

The chapter said there are at the risk of HIV infection as gay male have multiple partners. Though there was awareness, members of this community are engaged in sex without using condoms. At the discussion, Public Health Supervisor Indira Pandey of Kathmandu District Health Office said the discussion clicked her about the issue of this community.

“I have been here for the first time. Please report us about this community we can make the service more smooth and comfortable,” said Pandey. Hariman Shrestha who works at Dhankuta Chapter of BDS has not disclosed his identity yet.

He is concealing his identity with a fear that Society will look him in a negative way. Following the pressure he got married but now he is feeling regrets. He said he is doing crime to his wife as he is attracted to same sex. Speaking to Pahichan Radio, he urged the gays to disclose their identity on time.