Education Act will address the concerns of LGBTI : Lamsal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 9 – Ministry of Education has said that after the amendment to Education Act, many lacking issues will be accommodated. Joint Secretary Hari Lamsal said the Act is in the process of amendment which tries to accommodate more and more issues.  He said the education act has not addressed the concerns of homosexual and transgender.  

“The issues of this community could be accommodated in the curricula. Similarly, it could be promoted through textbooks, teaching material among others. Speaking at a program, he, however, said implementation is the key, and there is a need of changing traditional norms, values among others.  “Teacher Service Commission should make efforts for the reservation for transgender in teacher; we have to make this provision in regulation,” said Lamsal.

He said that it is a long process, and there is a need of structural change. Lamal is of the view that Blue Diamond Society should take initiations. “I would provide complete support from my side but I am just a government staff and I cannot do all,” said Lamsal.  He advised to create pressure through an integrated approach. Chairman of BDS, Pinky Gurung and Executive Director Manisha Dhakal said around 85 percent homosexual and transgender are dropping their classes through the discrimination.  Dhakal underlined the need of formulation of laws and regulation in favor of this community.