Ensure the marriage rights of LGBTI : BRB

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 27 – Former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has urged the government to amend civil and criminal codes to ensure marriage rights of sexual and gender minority. Speaking at Parliament, Bhattarai who is also coordinator of Naya Shaki Nepal party said code document has to be amendment in order to provide marriage rights to this community.

According to Bhattarai, 26 countries in the world have ensured legal provisions to allow this community to marry. “We had an opportunity to become 27th country but we missed such opportunity,” said Bhattarai, urging government to amend provision without any delay. Bhattarai said constitution has provided rights to this community, and they are allowed to adopt children.

“There has been discrimination to this community because it has not been mentioned in the constitution,” said Bhattarai, adding that there is no need of separate laws for this community.

The former prime minister is of the view that current bill could incorporate the rights of sexual and gender minority. He said it is a positive aspect that members of this community have received citizenship and passport as per their gender identity. “We have to ensure the marriage rights of this community,” Bhattarai said.