“Equal rights to homosexual and transgender”

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 27 – Nepali Congress lawmaker Mukta Kumari Yadav said that new laws that will be formulated on the basis of constitutional provisions will provide equal rights to homosexual and transgender.

She said all citizens would get equal rights after formulation of laws. Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Yadav said: “The equal rights of all citizens will be ensured while making laws.”  Yadav said like male and female, the rights of transgender will be ensured.

“It is responsibility of Parliament to formulate laws, I will work to ensure rights of all people,” said Yadav. She said homosexual, transgender and other minority groups are facing hardships as there has been delay to address genuine demands of Madhesi people. She urged government to address demands of Madhes-based parties without any delay.